SCRIP PROGRAM: Purchase gift cards at full price and the Church gets a % from every card. You can even order cards from your favorite establishments. We can provide cards from grocery stores, department stores, restaurants, gas stations, pharmacies, and discount stores. The cards also make great gifts. If 40 families bought gift cards for all their groceries, gas, entertainment, and misc, St. Iakovos would make $16,000 a year. Just by doing our everyday shopping, we can help the Church make money. The possibilities are endless. If we don't have the cards on hand, they can be ordered. Stop by the table during coffee hour and look at the selection. See Joni Pamphilis for details, or ask any council member. You can also purchase gift cards during Church office hours. Monday-Friday from 9-2.

AMAZON SMILE: Shopping at Amazon can now help out St. Iakovos. Visit and choose St. Iakovos as the charity to benefit. You then shop Amazon just like you normally do. There is no cost to you, and after checkout a percentage of the sale will go to St. Iakovos. What better way to shop and help the Church at the same time!

JESUS’ LIST OF LOVE: Every year our parish has been so generous in providing Christmas dinners and gifts to many families within the Valparaiso School system. Once again we will have many families for you to adopt and purchase Christmas dinner, clothing, and gifts for these families in need. As always, you do not need to purchase all the items on their list, but what is comfortable for you!! The schools asked the families to put down clothing requests and books. You can purchase a toy if you chose too. Our St. Katherine’s Philoptochos will once again graciously purchase coats so we will fulfill the coat requests of the families and you do not need to purchase those. All baskets need to be brought in by Friday, Dec. 15th! On Saturday, Dec. 16th from 8:30-10:30am we will be distributing baskets. We still have 15 families available.

ANNUAL COOKIE WALK: On Saturday, December 9th we will be holding our annual cookie walk from 9:00am-11:00pm. The cost is $9.00 per pound. Each year everyone has been so generous baking for this event. Please bring at least 6 dozen cookies for us to sell this day. We are asking that you be creative and not make your typical chocolate chip. Why not try something new this year. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.

PANCAKE BREAKFAST WITH SANTA: Please join us on Sunday December 10h following Liturgy for a pancake breakfast. We will also have a special visitor for all of our St. Iakovos children.

THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS BAKLAVA: Philoptochos is taking preorders for Christmas Baklava. If you would like to order please see a Philoptochos member following liturgy.


Monday, December 11th beginning at 9am

WINE FOR COMMUNION: We are in need of wine for Holy Communion. There are two types of wines available for purchase. The cost of the bottles are $25 and $30. If you would like to donate a bottle please call the Church Office or see a Council Member.

Recently Donated

Kathi Pavlou

Sia Nicholas in Memory of husband Frank and son-in-law Ron Wondolowski

Marianne Dowdy in Memory of parents Albert & Peggy Terzes

SPONSORING HOLY UNCTION: During this sacrament we use 7 of the red vigil candles, if you would like to sponsor the service by purchasing the candles for the health and wellbeing of your family and/or loved ones the cost is $70. Holy Unction on Wednesday, December 20th is being sponsored by Helen Hylek in Memory of her parents George & Eleni Procopi. Our last Holy Unction, on November 29th, was anonymously sponsored in Honor of Emerald Spanopoulos, Mary Affeld, and their families.

COMMUNITY CHRISTMAS CARD: Once again our Youth Ministries will be sponsoring the annual Community Christmas Card. The cost to have your family’s name included on this card is $15 and $25 for businesses. The cards this year will be mailed out to all of our parishioners. Please fill out the form that is available on the information table. All proceeds benefit our St. Iakovos Youth Ministries. Make checks payable to “St. Iakovos G.O.Y.A.” Deadline is Tuesday, Dec. 12th. For more info, call Fr. Jim at the Church Office.

GUIDELINES FOR THE CHRISTMAS FAST: To receive Holy Communion we need to be properly prepared. This includes following the Fasting guidelines of our Church for the Christmas Lenten Season, which begins November 15th and lasts (excluding Thanksgiving) through Christmas. During the observation of the Christmas Lent, an Orthodox Christian should at least abstain from meat and meat products during this period while increasing their prayer and scriptural reading as well as charitable contributions and work. From December 13 through Christmas, a strict fast from meat, dairy products and olive oil should be observed by ALL ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS (unless under doctor’s care).

To those who fast belongs the celebration of our Lord’s Birth – thus- the Church has set aside the time for Christmas through January 4th (inclusive) as being a time period of no fasting at all. The Eve of Epiphany, January 5th, is however, a day of STRICT FASTING in anticipation of the Feast of Epiphany. Following Epiphany, we return to a regular schedule of fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays until the beginning of the Great and Holy Lent.