AMAZON SMILE: Shopping at Amazon can now help out St. Iakovos. Visit and choose St. Iakovos as the charity to benefit. You then shop Amazon just like you normally do. There is no cost to you, and after checkout a percentage of the sale will go to St. Iakovos. What better way to shop and help the Church at the same time!

MORNING COFFEE BREAK BIBLE STUDY: Join us for our coffee break each Wednesday at 10:30am. We will also hold the same Bible Study on Tuesday evenings at 6:00pm for those that can not make it during the day. A study on the Divine Liturgy begins this fall. We will also offer an evening Bible Study for those who can not attend on Wednesday mornings.

2019 STEWARDSHIP: Our 2019 Stewardship packets and cards will be mailed out soon. Please review all the information carefully and pray about it before returning your Stewardship card. Please note that cards have to be filled out every year. Thank you in advance for your continued support of St. Iakovos.

ANNUAL COOKIE WALK: On Saturday, December 8th we will be holding our annual cookie walk from 9:00am-12:00pm. The cost is $9.00 per pound. Each year everyone has been so generous baking for this event. Please bring at least 6 dozen cookies for us to sell this day. We are asking that you be creative and not make your typical chocolate chip. Why not try something new this year. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.

OLIVE OIL FOR ALTAR: We are in need of Olive Oil for the Altar. You can donate a bottle to the Church by dropping it off during office hours M-F from 9-2. You may also drop it off at the candle stand to any council member during any Church service.

Recently Donated

Bessie Kostidis in Loving Memory of Nick & Dennis Kostidis

WINE FOR COMMUNION: We are in need of wine for Holy Communion. There are two types of wines available for purchase. The cost of the bottles is $25 and $30. If you would like to donate a bottle please call the Church Office or see a Council Member.

Recently Donated

Themi Gordan for the health and well being of her Koumbari Mike & Connie Zaharias

EPTISLE READERS: If you are interested in reading the Epistle during Liturgy please contact Fr. Jim for more information

KOLIVA FOR MEMORIALS: Themi Gorman has so kindly offered to make Koliva for Memorials within the Church. The cost is $50 for the small and $75 for a large tray. If you would like more information, please call the Church office or see Fr. Jim.

LOFT SPONSORSHIP: Each issue of our monthly Parish Journal “The Loft” has been sponsored for the last seventeen years! We are currently accepting sponsors for our 19th year which runs from March 2018-February 2019. Sponsorship is $135 for families and $200 for businesses. Issues may be dedicated in honor of a special occasion, in memory of friends and family members who have fallen asleep in the Lord, or for those who just wish to support our monthly Parish journal. If you are interested in sponsoring an upcoming issue or future issues please contact Fr. Jim or call the Church Office at 462-4052. Thank you again to everyone that has sponsored. We have fulfilled our sponsorships for our 19th year of the Loft. If you would like to sponsor for our 20th year please call the Church Office or see Fr. Jim.

SPONSORING HOLY UNCTION: During this sacrament we use 7 of the red vigil candles, if you would like to sponsor the service by purchasing the candles for the health and well-being of your family and/or loved ones the cost is $70. Our next Holy Unction will be on November 14th at 6pm. If you would like to be a sponsor please see Fr. Jim or call the Church Office.