SUNDAY SCHOOL NEWS: Our Sunday School will resume on Sunday, September 29th, following Holy Communion. If anyone is interested in helping by teaching our High School class please see Father Jim or Holy Papachronis.

MORNING COFFEE BREAK BIBLE STUDY: Our weekly morning Bible Study will begin this Wednesday, September 4th, at 10:30am. Please see the flyer in the bulletin for full details. If anyone is interested in an evening Bible Study please see Father Jim.

PARENT VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: We are looking for parents to volunteer to help lead and organize our youth groups in the fall. We would like to start up our youth groups and we are looking for parents that are willing to help. We would like to put together an elementary aged group and a middle/high school aged group. If you are interested in volunteering your time please see or call Father Jim for more information.

FESTIVAL VOLUNTEERS: We are in need of volunteers to work the festival this year. There are many different spots to volunteer. Please see the sign up sheets on the table near the front door for available times and areas to volunteer.

MEETING FOR ALL 8TH GRADE THROGH HIGH SCHOOLERS – SEPTMEBER 8TH AFTER CHURCH: We will have a short meeting for all 8th through 12th grade young people of our Church Family immediately following Church on Sunday, September 8th. The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss two things: 1.) revitalizing, revising and restarting our GOYA program; 2.) The manning of the soda/water/snack booth at the GreekFest and other ways for our young people to help our GreekFest and Parish Family. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to join us!  

SPONSORING HOLY UNCTION: During this sacrament we use 7 of the red vigil candles, if you would like to sponsor the service by purchasing the candles for the health and wellbeing of your family and/or loved ones the cost is $70. Our next Holy Unction will be on Wednesday, September 11th, at 6pm and is sponsored by the Deek family for the health and well being of Michael Deek.  

BAKED GOODS NEEDED: Homemade baked goods (preferably Greek and Ethnic) are needed for our Greek Fest on all three days September 20, 21, and 22. All parishioners are asked to bring baked goods to be sold at our Greek Fest bakery. All donations are greatly appreciated.

2019 RAFFLE: Raffle tickets are now available for purchase. The cost of each ticket is $100.00. There are only 500 tickets available for purchase. Drawing will be held at our Greek Fest Sept. 22nd. If you are interested in purchasing or selling tickets, please see a Council Member or Father Jim. You may also purchase tickets at the Church Office M-F from 9-2.

FR. JIM COLLECTING NAMES FOR HEALTH AND MEMORIAL FOR HOLY LAND SITES: As previously announced – Fr. Jim along with Fr. Apostolos Georgiafentis of St. Demetrios in Chicago will be leading a pilgrimage to Constantinople from September 30th through October 14th. Throughout their trip they will be visiting different Holy Sites and many monasteries at those Holy places. If you would like for Fr. Jim to give names of loved ones – both alive and dead – please feel free to give him your list of names (two columns for living and dead) in an envelope along with (as is traditional) a monetary gift. Please specify if you wish for your names to be given in Constantinople to be commemorated at the Patriarchate and the Church of St. George or in the Holy Land. If you wish for the names to be given at the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem or the Church of The Nativity in Bethlehem please specify – otherwise Father Jim will distribute to the Monasteries in Cana, Tiberias, Capernaum and in Bethany that the group will be visiting. You may give multiple envelopes for as many sites as you wish. Please have any envelopes given to Fr. Jim by Sunday, September 29th! No money or gifts will be kept for St. Iakovos or Fr. Jim personally but will be given as directed. All gifts must be cash as checks are difficult and costly to be cashed overseas. We will issue you a receipt for any cash gifts given. If you have any questions or for more information – please see or call Fr. Jim      

LOFT SPONSORSHIP: Each issue of our monthly Parish Journal “The Loft” has been sponsored for the last seventeen years! We are currently accepting sponsors for our 20th year which runs from March 2019-February 2020. Sponsorship is $135 for families and $200 for businesses. Issues may be dedicated in honor of a special occasion, in memory of friends and family members who have fallen asleep in the Lord, or for those who just wish to support our monthly Parish journal. If you are interested in sponsoring an upcoming issue or future issues please contact Fr. Jim or call the Church Office at 462-4052. Thank you again to everyone that has sponsored. If you would like to sponsor for our 20th year please call the Church Office or see Fr. Jim. We are in need of sponsors for November, December/January, and February ’20.

MAILING LISTS: Help us to update our mailing lists. If you have moved, changed telephone numbers, or are not receiving our Church mailings, please call the Church Office. Also, if you have not given your email address and would like to receive Church emails, please do so. Thank You!!